Alarm system and monitoring

The protection of our property can evoke various associations: a guard better armed than a Marine, fences and gates on the scale of real fortresses, armored cars, an annoying howl alarm from a neighbor or the best insurance policies. In the case of modern houses, however, it can be completely different. A great solution is an advanced alarm system and monitoring in a smart home or apartment. 

The modern alarm system is no longer a source of intense noise, which is supposed to scare away an intruder and notify the appropriate services when it is usually too late. Thoughtful protection is a system of multi-zone detection of potential threats and discouraging unwanted guests before they even approach windows or doors. Not only the building itself is protected, but also the entire property including the garden.

Just entering the property can be identified and contribute to proper interaction. Sometimes it is enough to turn on the lawn sprinklers so that the intruder abandons his visit. In addition, he will hear an appropriate warning from the garden speakers. The more unusual solutions, the effectiveness of security increases.

We attach great importance to the fact that the protection system works effectively – even before the damage occurs. In the case of security of a house, apartment or other objects, a potential threat is detected as far in advance as possible. Even before the burglar tries to break through the locks or window, the system already knows about his presence and will notify the household and intervention services about the threat.

We prefer and recommend non-standard solutions. Whenever possible, it is even unique, so that their crossing causes as many difficulties as possible and is resistant to the most commonly used methods. All this so that uninvited guests have a difficult task to the maximum extent.

It is worth knowing that the alarm system is only part of the protection. Its perfect complement is also monitoring. It is usually associated with ubiquitous cameras and spying on citizens by various services established for this purpose. In a smart home, it will be useful not only to consolidate the image of the attacker. It is also invaluable in everyday use. Using various cameras in the apartment, we can check what is happening in the house at any time and from almost anywhere. We will find out how our children spend their time under the supervision of a babysitter, what the animal left in the apartment does, where the automatic lawn mower works or whether our driveway has not been pawned.

We select monitoring according to your needs. We prefer high-quality devices with such parameters that they work in various situations. Contrary to appearances, this is not as obvious as it may seem. It is easy to be disappointed when we will not see much on the recorded film and the image quality will leave much to be desired. Therefore, we attach great importance to getting to know your needs in order to prepare an offer and devices that perfectly meet all requirements.


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